Finance is equals to Business Valuation

Acquiring or disposing of businesses or assets successfully is dependent on accurate and commercially meaningful valuation on both sides. The valuation process requires not only sophisticated analytical techniques but also a deep understanding of market performance now and in the future.


One of the most basic but important functions of accounting firms is to ensure that accounts and financial statements and reports are prepared and managed effectively, accurately and in accordance with the law in each country. Our firms help clients understand what the numbers mean for their financial, commercial, strategic and operational decisions.

Financial controlling

In large organisations, financial controllers provide the essential link between accounting and financial management and commercial and operational decision-making. Their role is critical in both controlling income, expenditure and finance as well as giving support and advice to active business departments to help them obtain and use resources effectively.

Many small and mid-sized organisation do not have financial controllers and our firms can supply them with this important service to help make their businesses more effective and efficient.

Cost management

Good, practical cost management is essential for all businesses, especially those in a low cost, low margin environment. We can supply this service without you needing permanent internal human resources.

Public listed companies

Public listed companies are subject to much more stringent and demanding accounting and reporting regulations than normal private companies. Many of our member firms are licensed to support publicly listed companies and have all the special regulatory and compliance expertise required.


Increasingly, the best long term strategy is to concentrate on what your business is really about, what you’re best at and to ask outside experts to deal with the routine, mundane but essential tasks such as accounting, HR, communications and IT operations for you. Not only does outsourcing make good business sense but it is frequently less costly than having permanent in-house resources. Outsourcing also allows you to adjust your costs as your business goes up and down, rather than being burdened with high fixed costs in the bad times as well as the good.


For many companies managing payrolls and all the contractual and legal HR issues that go with it is an expensive headache. Our firms’ payroll services will take all of this off your plate and provide you with a service that is effective and efficient and allows you to concentrate on the real business of making business.